An overview of the experiment static electricity and a crocodile grip

Larger dust volumes produce higher energies. For this science fair project, the independent variable is the color of hair tested — black, brown, blond and red hair. Detecting and measuring Before you can do any experiments with static electricity, you need to be able to detect when static electricity is present and measure how strong it is.

There are different types of fuses. Static charge generation in these systems is best controlled by limiting fluid velocity. The lightning bolt is simply a scaled-up version of the sparks seen in more domestic occurrences of static discharge.

Different circuits need different strength currents and so we need different types of fuses. Like, compare the strength of a charged balloon, piece of plastic, etc.

More resources about static electricity: The ones we have investigated so far require you to replace the fuse if the wire melts. There is no longer a complete pathway for the electrons to move. What you need for this experiment is just a couple of balloons, a head to rub, and a few different surfaces such as your wall, fridge, and a window.

Using the ruler and pen knife, the letter size paper is cut into small square pieces of paper measuring 5mm x 5mm. Once the learners are convinced that the plotting compass can model a magnetic field, you can use the compasses to show them that there is a magnetic field around a current-carrying conductor.

Set the variable resistor to its highest resistance. This lesson will answer those questions. Many elastomers are sensitive to ozone cracking. Using the jumper wire, the copper plate is connected to the ground. Procedure 5 is repeated using the brown, blond and red hair wigs.

Either switch off the toaster and then unhook the toast safest idea. However, some fuses work differently to break the circuit and can just be reset once the problem in the circuit is fixed. This is determined by counting the number of pieces of paper sticking to the balloon.

An analysis of the types of power in theories of power

Lots of people are tempted to use their butter knife to unhook the bread. Typical ignition energies are: Further precautions can be taken by taking off shoes with thick rubber soles and permanently staying with a metallic ground.

The learner should write a short paragraph detailing their research.

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If the circuit overheats, the fuse will melt and break the circuit to reduce the danger of fire as well as protect electronic equipment. Electrostatic discharge while fueling with gasoline is a present danger at gas stations.

What do you think happens to the electric current when the steel wool has burnt. This imbalance in electric charges between the 2 materials causes static electricity.

Sometimes unique or new methods can be invented. The test was done on black, white, blond and red hair. An atom that tends to receive an electron becomes negatively charged and is said to be more negative on the triboelectric series.

Different fuels have different flammable limits and require different levels of electrostatic discharge energy to ignite. Therefore, the piece of wire melt if it gets too hot, just like the steel wool in our activity. Electronic components Many semiconductor devices used in electronics are very sensitive to the presence of static electricity and can be damaged by a static discharge.

Spark, responsible for the majority of industrial fires and explosions where static electricity is involved. Energies involved The energy released in a static electricity discharge may vary over a wide range. Friction causes the transfer of the electrons from the surface that "donates" the electrons to the surface that "captures" the electrons.

These shoes have soles with good conductivity. There are many different household appliances which use fuses.

Overview of Static Electricity Experiments

Separation of the leafs gives an idea of a measurement of the strength of the charges. Genecon V3 and the Super-C capacitor. Charging and discharging the capacitor Super-C capacitors are the latest type of capacitor. Although invented several decades ago they remained a bit of a curiosity.

A Super-C will store charge in the region of tens of Farads and will charge and discharge very quickly. static electricity being released from metal with an insulating coating, and we investigated the possibility that a scraper was the ignition source.

(a) Location of workers when the fire started. This experiment can also be performed with the graphite from a pencil which will emit light as well as heat.

You can easily make your own switch by sticking two metal drawing pins into a piece of wood with a metal paper clip in between, as shown in the diagram. safety note: do not use electricity from a wall outlet for this experiment.

Handle the glass light bulb with care to avoid breakage. The bulb can be wrapped in sticky, transparent tape to reduce the chance of injury if it does break.

Well, if you know how static electricity works, you won’t need a wand! In the Static Flyer experiment, we’ll teach you how understanding electrical charges can result in a trick that would make Harry Potter, Gandalf the Grey, and even Merlin jealous.

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An overview of the experiment static electricity and a crocodile grip
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Science Fair Projects - Hair color and static