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Compare and contrast the settings. Marcucio in Romeo and Juliet, is killed while battling Tybalta. Romeo pretends to misunderstand Benvolio's use of sadness. Romeo and Juliet is, however, founded on events that actually took place, and Escalus, prince of Verona, was Bartolommeo della Scala, who died in In Romeo and Juliet the majority of the scene is of the two lovers confessing their undying love for each other using beautiful language and many metaphors.

Both deal with loyalty and violence. The circumstances that Romeo and Juliet and Tony and Maria are in differ in many ways.

In the sense of 'provided that,' 'on these terms,' so is sometimes preceded by be it i. The duration of a play is frequently spoken of in the prologues to them as being of two hours only, though three hours is sometimes given.

Hudson well remarks, "Such an affected way of speaking not unaptly shows the state of Romeo's mind; his love is rather self-generated than inspired by any object.

To hear true shrift, as to obtain from a tru confession of his sorrow; for the omission of as after so, see Abb. Compare the characters in the stories. Even though various scenes are similar, the setting of West Side Story adds its own perspective. Where, in which strife: To 'swash' is to strike with a heavy and sounding blow.

The difference between the two peace-makers is that the Prince has more power than the Lieutenant. But although it thus appears as a strong verb, it does not appear to be a true Teutonic word. He performed the lead role of Romeo with British ballerina Patricia Ruanne creating the role of Juliet.

Both are stories of unrequited love that end tragically, but there are many elements that make them very different. Make a mental note of the big ideas and a character list.

How to Compare & Contrast

Fear me not, do not fear as to the way in which I shall behave, do not be afraid of my running away; me, for me, as regards me. What fray was here. Dian's wit, Diana's wisdom, prudence, in repelling all love attacks. While some parts of the film were shot in Miamimost of the film was shot in Mexico City and Boca del Rio, Veracruz.

Also, notice how even the characters that are very similar have attributes that make them distinct. Tony and Maria's parents have no say in whether or not they are together, it is just their friends and gangs that are against it.

Quindon Tarver as Choir Boy, the singer at Romeo and Juliet's wedding Edwina Moore as the Anchorwoman, who assumes the role of the Chorus Natalie Portman had been cast as Juliet but, during rehearsals, it was felt that the footage looked as though DiCaprio was " molesting " her.

In Westside Story, this scene is spent singing to each other, which I find, makes it more romantic but has less tension. Throughout The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story the audience can find several things in common, but on the contrary the differences between the two are quite translucent.

This prologue, which is written on the same metrical scheme as the Sonnets, viz. InYuri Grigorovich created a new version for the Bolshoi, "which did away with most of the stage properties and stylized the action into an all-danced text.

Romeo and Juliet vs West Side Story

Throughout The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story the audience can find several things in common, but on the contrary the differences between the two are quite translucent.

Even though various scenes are similar, the setting of West Side Story adds its own perspective. The audience can infer that the families and gangs play a huge part in changing the plot line.

He was 21 at the time of filming and Portman was only Here, however, exquisite and question, both being of the same origin, have suggested each other.

The first quarto gives "That most are busied, when they're most alone," and this reading, first introduced by Pope, has been adopted in the Old Variorum Shakespeare, and by Knight, Dyce, Staunton, and Clarke; for most might Allen conjectures more might, remarking, "Shakespeare was not the man in Romeo and Juliet, at least to let slip the chance of running through the Degrees of Comparison, many, more, most": The audience can find a similarity right in the first scene, which shows the hatred between the enemies through a fight.

Our philosophy has always been that we think up what we need in our life, choose something creative that will make that life fulfilling, and then follow that road. Begin thinking about how the two works compare to each other.

Probably in terms there is an allusion to the conditions offered by besiegers to the besieged, i. Baz Luhrmann's dazzling and unconventional adaptation of William Shakespear's classic love story is spellbinding. Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes portray Romeo and Juliet, the youthful star-crossed lovers of the past.

Based on Shakespeare’s renowned Romeo & Juliet, West Side Story, like Romeo & Juliet, is about forbidden love and romance across familial barriers in a large city, amid constant feuding on both sides, which resulted in violence and death, and finally, reconciliation between the two families, which took the resulting deaths to happen.

William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet (often shortened to Romeo + Juliet) is a American romantic crime film directed, co-produced, and co-written by Baz Luhrmann, co-produced by Gabriella Martinelli, and co-written by Craig is an adaptation and modernization of William Shakespeare's tragedy Romeo and film stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes in the leading roles.

Comparing Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story In this piece of coursework I will be analysing the technical aspects of the opening scenes in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story. I will be talking about the body language, costumes, colour schemes, the sounds, music and camera angles used in each of the films.

Comparing Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet versus Arthur Laurents West Side Story In approximatelyWilliam Shakespeare began to write one of the most well known tragedies in. For example, Tony in "West Side Story" and Romeo in "Romeo and Juliet" fulfill the same role as the young man in love.

Notice the characters that seem to be unique to each story and what each contributes.

Romeo and juliet v west side
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